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  • The Impact of Choices

    The Impact of Choices

    As I struggle to grasp onto anything comforting during the acceptance that someone close to me has a problem with addiction, I find myself writhing in physical pain over their choices. How could someone choose their addiction over the love of their family? How could they allow themselves to self destruct in such a way?…

  • Mandala 4-16-17

    Mandala 4-16-17

    4-16-17 – “Introversion” This is a really small mandala, about 4 x 6. The pen that I was using kept giving up on me so I had to put a few to work on this one. I notice that this one shows rightward movement as the previous one I had done from my own collection…

  • Twenty-Eight Days: Day 12

    Twenty-Eight Days: Day 12

    Thursday, August 9th, 2018 The People Who Make a Difference 1.) Task number one for the day: Write down your list of 10 things that you would like to accomplish, have, wish for someone else, etc. there are no limits to this! Heck, you may only have 5 items listed… I’d rather have you list…

  • The importance of “presence”

    The importance of “presence”

    Do you ever feel as though you are hindered on your path to spiritual growth? Perhaps a little lost? Or maybe even misdirected? Picture this a moment: We as humans on the path to ultimate one-ness with God are somewhat like a carriage, a horse and a driver. If the driver is holding too tight…

  • Complacency


    Her mind runs rampant, drawing circles in the serene water. She takes a moment to soak in her reflection, yearning for her heart to be tauter. She envelops herself in a familiar warmth, yet this warmth is not synonymous. Harmony had been found in days prior, feeling around, all that arrives is bleakness. The foolishness…

  • Personal Standards

    Personal Standards

    When “life” reaches out and asks for your hand, you generously reach out and feel around for the connection. Upon making this connection, do you take a moment to question how it makes you feel? When “life” asks you for patience, you lovingly comply. Upon practicing patience, do you yearn to experience everything now? When…

  • So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?

    So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?

    Ah, the age of technology and information. If any of us have a question about anything we can type it into a myriad of search engines and have the answer instantaneously. So many of us thrive on this constant flow of information, yet we do not realize that this flow, while constant, is generally scattered.…

  • Spiritual Transparency

    Spiritual Transparency

    Before one comes to the light, they are usually enveloped in complete darkness, just as in the womb. Everyone is being taught that one can simply, “choose a better thought,” or “don’t entertain the negative thoughts and life will be just peachy.” I have even been guilty of attempting to shine the light so brightly…

  • Heart Open Flow

    Heart Open Flow

    General discomfort, symptoms of restlessness form. Allow the emotion, go inside it. Experience the fullness, acceptance and gentle freedom. Scattered, yet trudging through the desert with the weight of an elephant, is it possible to get to the other side? Weighted down, or nothing at all. Desperate to find the wherewithal. A paradox, when the…

  • Astrology, smoshtrology?

    Astrology, smoshtrology?

    Astrology, Smoshtrology?