Personal Standards

Personal Standards

When “life” reaches out and asks for your hand,
you generously reach out and feel around for the connection.
Upon making this connection,
do you take a moment to question how it makes you feel?

When “life” asks you for patience,
you lovingly comply.
Upon practicing patience,
do you yearn to experience everything now?

When “life” asks you to trust,
you smile, and say that you can do that.
Upon firmly placing your trust,
do you start to doubt the very thing you rested your trust upon?

When “life” asks you to love everything and everyone,
you offer up your heart, gleaming.
Upon practicing love in every aspect,
do you begin to set conditions for everything and everyone you love?

When “life” asks you to be yourself,
you say that’s all you know how to do.
Upon showing yourself to the world,
do you begin to question who you even are?

Take a moment,
reflect upon the meaning of “life,”
recoil in your attempts to analyze the word, the meaning you know so well.
Why is “life” asking all these things of you?

Is “life” a standard that you set for yourself?
How do you define “your life?”
Is “life” a force that controls who you are?

When you are aware that you set the standard,
don’t let yourself down.


One response to “Personal Standards”

  1. Oooh I like this! We should all take a moment each day to reflect on our life. We should love whole heartedly and forgive those who sin to us. I think the world would be a happier place if we could just listen to eachother and strengthen our connections with one another. Great job!

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