So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?

Ah, the age of technology and information. If any of us have a question about anything we can type it into a myriad of search engines and have the answer instantaneously. So many of us thrive on this constant flow of information, yet we do not realize that this flow, while constant, is generally scattered. We have so much at our fingertips (or eyeballs) that our brains fail to absorb the copious amounts of information on a given subject, most of us are fine with scratching the surface.

Take, astrology, for instance. I’m a Virgo, I’ve read all about Virgos and our tendencies, but was I satisfied with this information? (NO!) You see, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the study of astrology. If you are truly interested in learning more, you’ve come to the right place.

In order to form a basis for your understanding, were going to start out with the basics and build from here:

  • Sun Sign: What you typically associate yourself with from the beginning of understanding. (Sun sign/zodiac sign) The sun sign shows us what makes us unique, represents our individualism, and brings forth our unique talents.
  • Moon Sign: Your emotional self, how you handle situations in which your emotions are heavily involved, represents your emotional needs. Whatever sign you have as your moon sign will depict how you carry yourself emotionally.
  • Rising Sign/Ascendant: The worlds external view of you, your mask. The sign you have as your rising sign or ascendant will carry over into how you are generally accepted by others, how they see you, depicts your personal style, how you approach tasks and habits.

The above three building blocks are formidably important when seeking to understand “yourself” at a greater depth. There are endless combinations when it comes down to it, and even an understanding of a sun sign/moon sign combination will give you some real insight.

For example, “Ross” is a Cancer sun, with a Taurus moon, and he has Gemini Rising.

What does this mean?

Cancer sun paired with a Taurus moon would make for a pretty stable combination, unless something on the home-front is disturbed! As a Cancer, Ross has a general love of family, closeness, a flair for communication, and coming off as having a very fatherly or loving tendency. Combine this with his Taurus moon, and emotionally this Cancer sun sign will have an increased and even over-protective sense over his family and friends, and will be very nurturing, just don’t mess with his people or you will get the horns of the bull! Emotionally things may tend to be bottled up, only expressed to those very very close to them, as Taurus moons aren’t a fan of expressing emotion outwardly. As for the Gemini Rising portion, Ross may come off to others as being highly cognitive, always on the go starting new projects, and may come off as having a bit of an underlying nervous tendency. Once others start to know Ross however, they will understand that this nervous tendency is merely a mask, how Ross appears to those who do not know him internally. This Gemini Rising aspect also shows how Ross relates to others in day to day conversations, this is a great aspect for communication.

You are probably wondering how one would begin to figure out their moon sign, and rising sign, the answer lies on that lovely piece of paper that signifies your birth, you’ve guessed it, your birth certificate. FIND THAT THING! (You’ll thank me later for having you uncover it’s hiding place now, rather than one day when you have no idea where it is down the line and you REALLY need it. So put it in that safe place… the one you’ll remember!)

Do you see how so much can be learned from just these three basic understandings? If your ready to learn more, read on to my next post!

-Rays Up!

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