The importance of “presence”

Do you ever feel as though you are hindered on your path to spiritual growth? Perhaps a little lost? Or maybe even misdirected?

Picture this a moment: We as humans on the path to ultimate one-ness with God are somewhat like a carriage, a horse and a driver.

If the driver is holding too tight on the reigns, the horse feels inhibited, held back, and hindered. The bit in the mouth of the horse starts to cause blisters and the tendons and muscles in the horses legs start to become shortened, unable to fully stretch out and trot in a dignified manner. The horse may even start to rebel, and resent the driver.

If the driver is too lax on directing the horse, and perhaps projects a “who cares” attitude (ego), maybe even falling asleep at the wheel, the horse will run wildly, get off track, the horse will smell clover fields and maybe even run the carriage into a ditch a few times before it jolts the driver awake, left to fix the wheels of the carriage, wasting precious time on their journey.

The driver of the carriage may also come into contact with other drivers on their journey, they will interact and perhaps another carriage driver says that where they are headed is this really wonderful place and that they too should head in the same direction simply because of their understanding of how wonderful the place is. The driver of your carriage knows that to divert from the place they are headed would be to waste precious time, somewhat like the scenario in which they had to fix the wheel of the carriage when they were in the ditch but in a more broad sense.

Sometimes it is for the carriage driver to enter into a town whilst on their journey and interact with many new people and learn new things, all the while the horse and carriage patiently waits for the driver to hop back up into the carriage and continue on the journey they were destined to embark upon. Lest not the carriage driver gets too distracted in this town, begin to form a home base there, and gets too caught up in their own works and the works of others completely forgetting the journey!

(I hope you see where I am going with this story, and I hope that it is beginning to resonate with your soul as it does so profoundly within mine.)

The horse may be likened unto our physical bodies. The horse needs nourishment to embark and continue upon the journey, but the horse is also not immune to temptations, clover fields to graze upon, fresh and alluring smells to run towards. However the horse is always in the command of the driver, who holds the reigns.

The driver of the carriage is somewhat like our presence (or lack thereof), the “God presence” that lies within each of us. If the driver is not sitting upon the carriage, the horse may run about erratically chasing after anything that its senses put forth as alluring, the horse may also know that its driver is coming back shortly and be patient, the horse may have some sense of knowing that it should not go after its pleasure seeking ways because the driver has a sense of dignified control upon it, so it patiently waits. The driver of the carriage is somewhat like being seated in consciousness, the IAM presence. Not to say that the driver is not immune to forces of the ego that tempt it to stay in the city too long, or to meddle with the others, or to be fearful of what lies ahead, or to maybe he tempted to pitch a tent because a storm is coming and the driver doesn’t want to go forth into it.

We mustn’t be lackadaisical on our journeys! We must always be present! This is paramount on our journeys to oneness, to success, to whatever we may know is our true calling.

The carriage is bringing forth precious cargo, and we must always be present on our journeys. The carriage is like a precious vessel that carries our soul.

All must work in tandem to fulfill our true purpose.
The point is the understanding of presence on our journey.

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