The Garden

bridge-53769_1920Spoken words,
while lively,
are fumbled about with,
met with a familiar understanding.

An array of information exchanged, thoughts and ideas,
floating about in the energy,
expounding from the individual aura.

As a white light encompasses those,
we choose to direct our energy.
Love abounding from source,
is always interpreted from perspective.

The consensus views an outward appearance,
even when frequencies are matched.
Letting flesh take over,
not meddling in the spiritual veil floating above.

Those that deny this power,
will be denounced to walk amongst themselves.
Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.

Be still,
breathe in the comfort you are provided with,
bask in the energy of source at this moment,
but do not ask for more than you are provided.

Raising to a frequency,
still able to interact,
I can now see their intentions,
and in them lies no tact.

Standing on the mountain,
we see things for what they are,
for everything in the physical body,
replicates behind the veil.

We walk amongst you,
we converse amidst the harshness sensed.
We meddle in our creative aspirations,
in hope that you too will understand.

Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.

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