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Twenty-Eight Days: Day 15

Sunday, August 12, 2018 Mending Relationships 1.) Repeat the exercise from the first day, think of 10 things that you would like to have in life and be grateful for them as if you already have them. Then read over each item and visualize each item in depth, feel the feelings associated with each one. 2.) Choose a problematic, difficult, or […]

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Twenty-Eight Days: Day 1

Sunday, July 29, 2018. The Twenty-Eight Day challenge is simple, you think of 10 things that would like to have, improve, recover from, understand, do, see, enjoy; there is no limit. Coming from experience, and completing 24 days in total, I did make several breakthroughs. I look back now, a little over two years from doing the challenge previously and […]

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  I started creating mandalas in May of 2016. I knew a little bit about Carl Jung, psychology, and spiritual studies. I set out to create a mandala one day because I wanted to see what my “inner mind” looked like. I was deep into astrological studies at the time and had a real yearning to be able to take […]

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