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Her mind runs rampant,
drawing circles in the serene water.
She takes a moment to soak in her reflection,
yearning for her heart to be tauter.

She envelops herself in a familiar warmth,
yet this warmth is not synonymous.
Harmony had been found in days prior,
feeling around, all that arrives is bleakness.

The foolishness has ensued,
carrying her to the doorstep of complacency.
Here is where everything must be lied down,
in the pure avoidance of stagnancy.

Alas, dust crumbles from her fingertips,
knowing that she too must surrender.
A somber presence encapsulates her soul,
striving for solitude with an absence of contenders.

She allows her fragile expectations to pour from the mind,
a stream flowing down, stirring the dust on the descent.
As each piece of dust and matter interact with the stream,
her soul receives permission to repent.

Mind meeting soul with a distinguishable uncertainty,
the density of this meeting can be felt throughout the body.
She breathes and makes room for the soul to heal,
moving the pain into the heart, vision becomes spotty.

Settling around the gentleness that she is capable of ensuing,
realizing that forgiveness is to be explored.
She goes back to the minds lake,
figuring it would be dry and forlorn.

An entrancing feeling of abundance washes over,
her eyes are fixated upon the clarity of the lake.
The body of water grants permission to her weary soul,
who requests to rest on it’s strength.

She resists the urge to hurl herself into the body of water,
gracefully plunging in to the beat of her own heart.
Each footstep takes her further into the bliss,
floating within the serene water,
is where she must start.


Personal Standards


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When “life” reaches out and asks for your hand,
you generously reach out and feel around for the connection.
Upon making this connection,
do you take a moment to question how it makes you feel?

When “life” asks you for patience,
you lovingly comply.
Upon practicing patience,
do you yearn to experience everything now?

When “life” asks you to trust,
you smile, and say that you can do that.
Upon firmly placing your trust,
do you start to doubt the very thing you rested your trust upon?

When “life” asks you to love everything and everyone,
you offer up your heart, gleaming.
Upon practicing love in every aspect,
do you begin to set conditions for everything and everyone you love?

When “life” asks you to be yourself,
you say that’s all you know how to do.
Upon showing yourself to the world,
do you begin to question who you even are?

Take a moment,
reflect upon the meaning of “life,”
recoil in your attempts to analyze the word, the meaning you know so well.
Why is “life” asking all these things of you?

Is “life” a standard that you set for yourself?
How do you define “your life?”
Is “life” a force that controls who you are?

When you are aware that you set the standard,
don’t let yourself down.


So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?


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Ah, the age of technology and information. If any of us have a question about anything we can type it into a myriad of search engines and have the answer instantaneously. So many of us thrive on this constant flow of information, yet we do not realize that this flow, while constant, is generally scattered. We have so much at our fingertips (or eyeballs) that our brains fail to absorb the copious amounts of information on a given subject, most of us are fine with scratching the surface.

Take, astrology, for instance. I’m a Virgo, I’ve read all about Virgos and our tendencies, but was I satisfied with this information? (NO!) You see, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the study of astrology. If you are truly interested in learning more, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading

Spiritual Transparency


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Rays Up?

The day and age we are in currently calls for transparency, fully and in every aspect. There is so much information out there, so much to absorb, yet we only take in and assimilate very little. The “New Age” spirituality that is being promoted at this time can be so confusing for people, especially our younger generations. Whilst I am very appreciative that the younger generation is able to have some insight into thinking about how their brain works, and questioning everything, some caution should also be advised. It is not advisable to be so open to everything that one does not develop a focal point, a goal that they are working towards. I don’t want people to be that open-hearted, scattered “light-zombie” accepting each and every scenario with “love and light” and then wondering why they feel so used, and “not very enlightened.”

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Heart Open Flow


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General discomfort,
symptoms of restlessness form.
Allow the emotion,
go inside it.
Experience the fullness,
acceptance and gentle freedom.

yet trudging through the desert with the weight of an elephant,
is it possible to get to the other side?
Weighted down, or nothing at all.
Desperate to find the wherewithal.

A paradox,
when the emotionless void fills,
springs with grace overflowing,
seemingly containing the ocean,
ebb and tide.

All of it,
life in expansion,
not merely 3-D, do you see?
General discomfort,
heart open,
what comes first?
All of it.

Virgo, not so “Mercurial” after all


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Make way for the Virgo, always seeking the answers to everything. Here I thought that this yearning for information could be attributed to the planet ruling over my sign, Mercury. After doing much research I stumbled upon the fact that in days past many zodiac rulers have been found to be debunked, and replaced with their true rulers in recent times. (I never enjoyed sharing Mercury with Gemini anyways!)

I thoroughly enjoy Linda Goodman’s insight on this topic, well…. I enjoy general insight from an Aries any day. (Why are you guys always so insightful! Ugh) Continue reading


Astrology, smoshtrology?


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Image source: pixabay


Ah, the big bad, exciting world of astrology. Seeking information about myself through astrology was one of the first big “ahaa moments” I had whilst on my journey to personal growth. However, I want to make sure I make something clear before we get off on the wrong foot here.
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New Footholds of Faith

Sometimes the student is gifted with the task of presenting what they have learned thus far, and is given an understanding of how their overcoming can be used to help others. The student graciously accepts this gift and sees to carrying out the tasks that they have been given.  Whilst one is striving to learn, there must be a time to apply newfound skills in their current lives, and have this expound in personal interactions as well, rather than a presentation in written form. One’s current understanding cannot be expanded upon unless this foundation is solidified, and even once the solidification occurs, there is always much to be learned, expanded upon, received, and applied. This can be compared to a medical program, one goes through chapters of a textbook, takes classes, and then partakes in a lab, or externship, to apply the skills that they have learned.

Right now I am aware of a decline in creative energy, I am aware of my yearning to be around other souls (whilst I am usually a hermit), I am aware of my bodies need for regeneration and calm, and I am aware of my intuitiveness in practicing yoga and meditation daily. There are many old footholds I have come to recognize, that I could simply scale back down the wall and place my foot into them for comfort, because I know them well. I know exactly where they are and what they entail. The difficult part about where I am is having the strength to dig my toes in and form a new foothold up above; to strengthen my back muscles, my shoulders, and my arms, in order for that reach to become possible. Everything in the physical world will always have a meaning in the spiritual world, and so it is.

I have learned to recognize seasons in my life.  I acknowledge the current season, and accept all that it has to offer, in this time of application and learning. I am open to all possibilities and am accepting of the unknown, whilst reaching, and digging my toes into new, footholds of faith.

During this learning phase that I am aware of, I will still be doing the 28 Days of Gratitude, as well as starting my astrology section and filling in the gaps on my cruelty-free living section. Sometimes I feel compelled to share with you all something that is on my heart, and I will continue to do that for everyone out there.


Day #9 – 28 Days of Gratitude


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Exercise # 9 – The Money Magnet

Quote of the day:
“You can often change your circumstances by changing your attitude” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Step 1: REPEAT the exercise from the 1st day. First thing in the morning, write 10 things that you would like to have in your life and be grateful for them in advance. Write them as if you already have them -not as if you will have them in the future. Write why you are grateful for each of them. Read each of the items on the list, in your mind or out loud. After each item say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Visualize yourself already having each of the items-the more detailed the visualization, the better. Attach feeling to each of them. Feel, as you would feel if you had them already. Feel the happiness, the joy, the serenity, etc… the goal is for you to get the chills every time you visualize each item.

Step 2: Take any current unpaid bills you have, use gratitude’s power, and write across each one : “Thank you for the money” Feel grateful for having the money, whether you have it or not.

Step 3: Take ten bills you’ve paid in the past, and write across them “Thank you, Paid!” Feel truly grateful that you had the money to pay the bill.

Step 4: Just before you go to sleep tonight, hold our rock in your hand and think of the best thing that happened to you today. Say the magic words THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU


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The Garden


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bridge-53769_1920Spoken words,
while lively,
are fumbled about with,
met with a familiar understanding.

An array of information exchanged, thoughts and ideas,
floating about in the energy,
expounding from the individual aura.

As a white light encompasses those,
we choose to direct our energy.
Love abounding from source,
is always interpreted from perspective.

The consensus views an outward appearance,
even when frequencies are matched.
Letting flesh take over,
not meddling in the spiritual veil floating above.

Those that deny this power,
will be denounced to walk amongst themselves.
Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.

Be still,
breathe in the comfort you are provided with,
bask in the energy of source at this moment,
but do not ask for more than you are provided.

Raising to a frequency,
still able to interact,
I can now see their intentions,
and in them lies no tact.

Standing on the mountain,
we see things for what they are,
for everything in the physical body,
replicates behind the veil.

We walk amongst you,
we converse amidst the harshness sensed.
We meddle in our creative aspirations,
in hope that you too will understand.

Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.