Spiritual Transparency

Rays Up?

The day and age we are in currently calls for transparency, fully and in every aspect. There is so much information out there, so much to absorb, yet we only take in and assimilate very little. The “New Age” spirituality that is being promoted at this time can be so confusing for people, especially our younger generations. Whilst I am very appreciative that the younger generation is able to have some insight into thinking about how their brain works, and questioning everything, some caution should also be advised. It is not advisable to be so open to everything that one does not develop a focal point, a goal that they are working towards. I don’t want people to be that open-hearted, scattered “light-zombie” accepting each and every scenario with “love and light” and then wondering why they feel so used, and “not very enlightened.”

Before one comes to the light, they are usually enveloped in complete darkness, just as in the womb. Everyone is being taught that one can simply, “choose a better thought,” or “don’t entertain the negative thoughts and life will be just peachy.” I have even been guilty of attempting to shine the light so brightly that it straight disorientates people, and turns them off. When shining light into darkness it is important to remember that this creates shadows. People often don’t want to face their shadows, myself included. I know what I have experienced first-hand in my own life, and in past days, and I had wanted everyone to feel this immense euphoria I have felt as well! This is just not so, and not a realistic way of thinking. I suddenly became completely un-relatable, and superimposed this “perfect person” into my persona. This was the moment I delved deeper, I had an epiphany.

Unless I am projecting my true, raw and authentic self into this reality, everything else is just a façade. No matter what I feel drawn to write about, no matter what inspiring quotes I post, no matter what…. People can only meet you or I as deep as they have met themselves. Period. Thus I imposed the question upon myself, “Am I meeting myself as deeply as I think I am? Who am I doing this for? Am I doing this for others? Am I doing this for myself?”

After asking myself this question I realized that I was doing this more for others, I had become entranced by a familiar pattern created by myself from a young age, and now find myself working with my own darkness, my shadows, yet again. I think it is important for people to understand that I did not suddenly wake up one day and say, “hey! I feel like being this super-light being, who wants to help others become their best selves, make a difference in this world, be a vegetarian, love others as myself, and be healthy while doing it!” I went through several dark periods in my life, more than several, millions, of moments where I felt like throwing in the towel, and not even existing. If I don’t shed light on the dark areas of my soul, who will? If I don’t let my readers know what I have been through, to get to where I am, how in the heck is anyone going to relate to me… to even begin to understand where I’m coming from?

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