Her mind runs rampant,
drawing circles in the serene water.
She takes a moment to soak in her reflection,
yearning for her heart to be tauter.

She envelops herself in a familiar warmth,
yet this warmth is not synonymous.
Harmony had been found in days prior,
feeling around, all that arrives is bleakness.

The foolishness has ensued,
carrying her to the doorstep of complacency.
Here is where everything must be lied down,
in the pure avoidance of stagnancy.

Alas, dust crumbles from her fingertips,
knowing that she too must surrender.
A somber presence encapsulates her soul,
striving for solitude with an absence of contenders.

She allows her fragile expectations to pour from the mind,
a stream flowing down, stirring the dust on the descent.
As each piece of dust and matter interact with the stream,
her soul receives permission to repent.

Mind meeting soul with a distinguishable uncertainty,
the density of this meeting can be felt throughout the body.
She breathes and makes room for the soul to heal,
moving the pain into the heart, vision becomes spotty.

Settling around the gentleness that she is capable of ensuing,
realizing that forgiveness is to be explored.
She goes back to the minds lake,
figuring it would be dry and forlorn.

An entrancing feeling of abundance washes over,
her eyes are fixated upon the clarity of the lake.
The body of water grants permission to her weary soul,
who requests to rest on it’s strength.

She resists the urge to hurl herself into the body of water,
gracefully plunging in to the beat of her own heart.
Each footstep takes her further into the bliss,
floating within the serene water,
is where she must start.

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