Astrology, smoshtrology?

Ah, the big bad, exciting world of astrology. Seeking information about myself through astrology was one of the first big “ahaa moments” I had whilst on my journey to personal growth. However, I want to make sure I make something clear before we get off on the wrong foot here.

Bare with me now, and visualize: There is a gorgeous house in front of you, a stupendous view with glazed giant pane windows, a wrap around deck, an all around gorgeous home. Everything one could ever want in a house is right in front of you. This home is in the forest, secluded from everything else, you want to go inside and explore it right? After all, you are standing in front of this beautiful mansion! So you go inside, but for some reason you ignore the splendor, the sweet smells of fresh flowers on the table, the food laid out for you, the giant living room and couches. You ignore all of these wonderful things and head straight for the basement. (I know your thinking that you wouldn’t do this but please continue the visualization) You head down to the basement and start examining the foundation, the wood that creates the forms, the cement structure that supports the house. You come upon a nail, and this nail fascinates the heck out of you, you pull a magnifying glass out of your back pocket and begin to examine further. This nail, is astrology. This nail you are picking apart examining down to the very handiwork of the entity that created it, is the study of astrology. What I’m trying to get you to grasp here is that astrology, or the study of natal charts, stars, planet transits, ALL of this information…. is merely the basis of understanding. My wish for you is to not become so focused upon the nail in the foundation that you forget to look at the whole house in front of you, the house that was meant for YOU to explore.

Now that I have given you a piece of my understanding I really feel prompted to share what I have gathered thus far on my journey in relation to astrology. If you have come to the point where you are interested in the foundation of your home, I am so excited for you! I simply want you to always remember that there is an entire home, an entire universe within you, to discover, astrology is just a piece to the puzzle.

A few years ago after reaching peak curiosity, I began to research my sun sign, Virgo. I knew that this meant I was supposed to be some organized, creative, helpful, shy, individual.  What I didn’t know, was that a “sun sign” (Virgo) was only a tiny bit of insight into the big picture.

If you are no astrology buff, and you think that this is all poppycock and rainbows, I would be happy to calculate your natal chart for you and watch the look on your face when you read those first few paragraphs, I’m serious here people, try me! Just send me your date of birth, time you were born, and place of birth.

There are many more aspects, transits, forecasts, and correlations than I ever dreamed to be possible. Did you know that the planets correlate to the 7 chakras in our bodies? Each planet has a specific pull, it determines the personality of a person completely. You may be aware that each planet has its own rotation, and its own set of rules in regard to time. The study of astrology accounts for that, down to the degrees of the planets at your birth!

Chakra expression
Planet revelation
I understand
Expansion, generosity, opening
Sixth/Third Eye
I see
Limitation, time, inevitable consequences
I speak
Creativity, expression
I love
Peacefulness, bliss, heartedness
Third/Solar Plexus
I do
Brightness, confidence, optimism
Second/ Sacral
I feel
Sensuality, tenderness, spontaneity
First/Root chakra
I am
Ability to survive, stability


Now, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article if 1. you weren’t interested in astrology, or 2. you are trying to discredit the study of astrology. Therefore, I shall support both sides of the coin for you, as I always do.

I am going to give you two examples here:

Sally is 49, she has never heard about astrology nor cared about it, she just knows she is a Cancer. I gather Sally’s information in order to calculate her natal chart, we go over the information and she is stunned. She finds information about herself that is astonishingly true, beyond belief. She is baffled and starts to think that this is scary and completely discredits the whole thing.

Joe is 22, he has researched astrology a little bit and knows he is a Capricorn. He calculated his natal chart and decided to delve in and read, absorb all he can. Joe is still young, but mature with an old soul. He takes in the information and decides to assimilate it, he begins to form his basis of who he is off this information that he thinks, “makes him who he is.”

It is so important to take the information in that ALREADY resonates with your soul. I advise you not to embody any particular trait ” just because you are a Taurus, or just because you are a Gemini.” Every single soul on this planet will have different aspects in their natal chart, it us up to you, your intuition, and your discretion how you choose to interpret the information that is laid out in front of you. You ALREADY know who you are, the information written in the sky gives you glimpses into the information you already have coded into your DNA. Feel what resonates, toss out what doesn’t, you are the librarian of your own mind, and you ALWAYS know what is right, and what is wrong.

Here’s to the foundation!



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