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  • Mandala 01/08/23

    Mandala 01/08/23

    It’s been years since I have created, much less finished a mandala. My preferred medium of the past would have been sharpie on canvas or paper. Upon entering the local Michael’s something different came to mind. I picked up a pack of black canvases to my own astonishment, in addition to some white paint pens…

  • Hello Neighbor

    Hello Neighbor

    Trauma is like a unwelcome neighbor with no name, parading through your home without so much as an introduction.

  • Mandala 2017

    Mandala 2017

    Mandala – “By the River” 2017 This mandala is the only color piece I have created to date. Way back when art was my major, I enjoyed using acrylic paint. I figured I’d start painting color backgrounds and creating the mandala on top. Another plan came into fruition though, especially in regard to the “background.”…

  • Mandala 5-9-17

    Mandala 5-9-17

    “Love and Crisis” – Mandalas drawn in the midst of crisis always seem to be the most interesting. I can recall my exact mental state and where I was when adding to each of these rings. When I had created the center outwards the flower like petals, I was in a relationship, yet concerned something…

  • Mandala 4-16-17

    Mandala 4-16-17

    4-16-17 – “Introversion” This is a really small mandala, about 4 x 6. The pen that I was using kept giving up on me so I had to put a few to work on this one. I notice that this one shows rightward movement as the previous one I had done from my own collection…

  • Mandala 4-1-17

    Mandala 4-1-17

    4-1-17 *Created for a friend. My intention was expressing my friend in this art-form* Where to start with this one. From the center emanates a cross, and sections of three in each arm; pyramids and the scorpio symbol above them. The pyramids also seem to have an eye placed at the top. This section then…

  • Twenty-Eight Days: Day 17

    Twenty-Eight Days: Day 17

    Tuesday, August 14, 2018 The Magic Check 1.) Repeat the exercise from the 1st day. First thing in the morning, write 10 things that you would like to have in your life and be grateful for them in advance. Write them as if you already have them, not as if you will have them in…

  • Twenty-Eight Days: Day 16

    Twenty-Eight Days: Day 16

    Monday, August 13, 2018 On Top of the World 1.) Repeat the exercise from the first day, write down your list of 10. 2.) Think about 3 times in your life when you felt on top of the world, and give your utmost gratitude for those times. Begin to visualize and re-live these wonderful times…

  • Twenty-Eight Days: Day 15

    Twenty-Eight Days: Day 15

    Sunday, August 12, 2018 Mending Relationships 1.) Repeat the exercise from the first day, think of 10 things that you would like to have in life and be grateful for them as if you already have them. Then read over each item and visualize each item in depth, feel the feelings associated with each one. 2.)…

  • Twenty-Eight Days: Day 14

    Twenty-Eight Days: Day 14

    Saturday, August 11, 2018 Today is the Day 1.) Repeat the exercise from the first day, list off those 10 items as you have been doing each day. Be sure to read back over each item and try to feel the feelings associated with each one, visualize! 2.) In the morning, work your way through…