Mandala 4-1-17


4-1-17 *Created for a friend. My intention was expressing my friend in this art-form*

Where to start with this one. From the center emanates a cross, and sections of three in each arm; pyramids and the scorpio symbol above them. The pyramids also seem to have an eye placed at the top. This section then moves on to much bigger, more detailed pyramids and some sort of tower shooting forth from the center now.

I suppose I should elaborate a little bit more about my intention for this piece. A friend of mine had asked me to create him a piece. I figured since I wasn’t creating art for myself anymore this would be a great time to embark on such a project. There were a few times where I had to sit down in silence and really try to channel this person that I was drawing the piece for. The tower came to me in some sort of vision. If you notice my explanations of this piece, it’s obvious that I’m not familiar with what is sitting upon this piece of paper, even though I drew it.

When I look for it, I can find so much symbolism it really blows my mind. If you look at the flames coming from the bottom of the pyramids, you will see in 4 corners, 7 rings floating up to the wave and the final pyramids. To me this reminds me of the 7 chakras, and it is clear to me that I had no idea I was creating this sort of symbolism when drawing. Each time I go back to observe this piece I find something new. The planets along with the square rings also came to me in a visualization. I saw them and had to somehow put them on paper, even though I had never seen such a thing, or thought of something like this before.

It would break my privacy rights as a good friend to elaborate on my friends’ life and the trials and tribulations he has been through. However he is a scorpio, he’s a very charismatic person, a entrepreneur, and he has also escaped the grasps of death quite a few times.

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