Hindsight is 20/20, right? (9 minute read)

Growing up, everyone always used the term “hindsight is 20/20,” to which I truly had no understanding about. I had a general grasp of the term, although I had yet to apply it. Life works that way sometimes, a concept is understood generally speaking, but it isn’t until that concept is applied in some way, that it truly comes to life.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this “clear hindsight theory,” shall we?

Throughout life we make choices that “seem” like they are the best choice to our minds, our hearts, and our souls. For example, you met someone new, hit it off, went on a couple dates, and then she/he wanted to take it a step farther, that scary “c” word, comes to mind…. COMMITMENT. When faced with this decision to enter into a committed relationship, did we ask ourselves all the crucial questions involved in this life decision? Or did we just “go with the flow?”

Most of life’s critical choices don’t offer much time for debate, and our emotion devices usually take the front seat on the decision bus, versus our real friends, the critical thinkin’ gadgets. How often can you put your hand up in the air, wave it around an exclaim, “I thought about this long and hard, made a pros and cons list, used my critical thinkin’ gadgets, weighed every possible outcome, and have made the right decision!”
(If this is you, and you actually weigh out every possible outcome, you are probably a Virgo and I exhaustively salute you.)

We actually have several tools at hand to help us make the right decision when faced with a choice, so we can help make the present moment a little clearer. The goal is not to look back and realize how we could’ve done things differently, it is to know deep down in your core that we have absolutely made the right decision, here and now.

“If we compare how an experience could have been better we develop bitterness and sadness.” – Carl Jung

The present is 20/20!

Wouldn’t it be great to have such a clear vision of what we are to do in the present moment? I’ll throw out some tools here that you can store in that mental toolbox you have filled with critical thinking gadgets, personality quirks, emotional responses, etc.

  • “The rule of three”
    • Every time I am desperately seeking answers for something in life, I recruit the “rule of three.” We all know that when we have something were thinking about it kind of “sticks” in our head, running through our brains all day, exhausting our mental resources. However,the fact that we are thinking about something creates a space for the law of attraction to start working.
    • If you know about the law of attraction and are consciously applying it in your life, it will be easy for you to catch this belief at work. If you are just learning about the “LOA” (law of attraction) you might begin to have little “aha moments,” where someone close to you might bring up something along the lines of the subject that has been running through your mind.
    • The rule of three often shows up exactly when we need it to. We might be contemplating a crucial decision whilst out grocery shopping. Alas, we run into an old friend, who goes on to state, “hey I remember you are really good at sewing, did you ever end up doing anything with that?” A light-bulb goes off in our minds, as we may have been contemplating starting our own business as a seamstress. From this point on, you can take into account that you have received your first confirmation from a higher power, that you are well on your way to making the right decision. Perhaps the next day you go to check the mail and happen to receive a coupon from a website hosting company, prompting you further in the right direction. The last clue is always one that just about brings me to tears as it is such an obvious sign, a confirmation of “the right decision.” You will learn to recognize it, when it comes, signs and affirmations are always there for us to see, granted were using our eyes.
  • “Ye olde Pros & Cons”
    • I’m sure we have all sat down and attempted to write out a pros and cons list. Draw the line down the center of the paper, section it off, and……. think think, think, think, think.
    • This process helps us lay out clearly what we want, and what we do not want. It also helps us cement our likes and dislikes, so that we will be able to attract the correct scenarios into our lives. Sometimes we might not even know what we want, until we have put down all of our random hopes, dreams and fears onto this sheet of paper.
    • At the bottom of my pros and cons list, I always add a section for “goals.” Therefore I can always make sure that my pros and cons align with my goals, because after all, the goal is to fulfill my true purpose here on this planet.
  • “Ye’ Scales of Outcome”
    • This exercise helps tremendously when faced with a pivotal decision. You can mentally run through this exercise, or draw it on the back of your pro’s and cons list that I trust you made.
    • I like to picture a grande shiny gold scale, on one end, “if I take the plunge,” and on the other, “if I stay here.” (Of course your choices will be different, and you may put whatever you’d like here) For example: “If I agree to enter the committed relationship,” on the other end, “I will be happy.” “If I agree to enter into the committed relationship,” “I could lose my independence.” While writing these outcomes pertaining to your decision, pay attention to your wording. Your subconscious will throw out past, present, and future terms, all relevant to how you feel about the decision. I suggest circling the top 3 outcomes that stand out to you, as having a positive effect on your life, whilst still along the same lines as your goals…. that I know you wrote at the bottom of your pros and cons list.
    • Creating the scales of outcome, can help to open up new pathways in your brain. When envisioning a certain outcome of a scenario or choice, any new outcome is simply that, “new and unexplored!” How exciting is that? As humans we are sometimes unable to do that which we cannot “see” as possible. Therefore, the more we envision new and unexplored outcomes, the more that it will be possible to attract new scenarios, people, and places into our existence.

Now that we have a couple more tools in that old toolbox that I like to reference our minds, we can be further equipped to make sound decisions in our lives. It is paramount that we make sound decisions, for every choice we make has a different outcome and effect on our lives. For some, it is not until we have already lived through a choices repercussions, that we are able to clearly see where we went wrong, or  what we should have done differently.

Let’s put on those 20/20 spectacles right now, in the present moment, to live a more fulfilled life.

Raysup! To be the best you that you can be ~ Wishing you love on your journeys.


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