Mandala 01/08/23

White paint pens on black canvas

It’s been years since I have created, much less finished a mandala. My preferred medium of the past would have been sharpie on canvas or paper. Upon entering the local Michael’s something different came to mind. I picked up a pack of black canvases to my own astonishment, in addition to some white paint pens in various weights. I found out through the creation process that paint pens are messy and unpredictable. Nothing like the trusted sharpie used in days past.

What started as a frustrating accident turned out to be a happy accident. I shook a paint pen and set out to put down a fine dot, when the dot expanded into a larger dot than expected. I also found that when shaking the paint pen it can splatter. I went with it. I could have trashed the canvas and accepted my defeat but I kept going.

Mandalas have such a unique way of showing me hidden insight. When accidents happen, accept them. Integrate them into your beingness and sit with them. Love them and grow from them. Create something beautiful from the mess.

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