Mandala 5-9-17


“Love and Crisis” – Mandalas drawn in the midst of crisis always seem to be the most interesting. I can recall my exact mental state and where I was when adding to each of these rings. When I had created the center outwards the flower like petals, I was in a relationship, yet concerned something was wrong. When I was drawing the stars up to the pillars I was smack dab in the middle of the turmoil. I wrote an excerpt of what it meant to me during that time.

“Lately, I’ve been letting my inspiration come from an inner sight, if that makes sense. The focal point in the middle is an eye, representative of the single eye, the light of the body, yet the triangle is representative of the trinity.

All go back to the single source – light emanating from source. The energy lines that expand from source, and the event horizon. Flower petals and lineage show the life forms created from the energy. The dauntlessness that is the maze facing the stairs of ascension, leading up to the pillars, which hold together the web, that connects our consciousness. We begin again.”

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