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  • New Footholds of Faith

    New Footholds of Faith

    Sometimes the student is gifted with the task of presenting what they have learned thus far, and is given an understanding of how their overcoming can be used to help others. The student graciously accepts this gift and sees to carrying out the tasks that they have been given.  Whilst one is striving to learn,…

  • The Art of Letting Go

    The Art of Letting Go

      Everyone on this planet is an individual, and we all have different coping mechanisms when it comes to letting go. Some of us may say that we have no trouble letting material possessions go, but we do have trouble releasing our attachments and bonds with people. Some of us may say that we have…

  • Hindsight is 20/20, right? (9 minute read)

    Hindsight is 20/20, right?  (9 minute read)

    Growing up, everyone always used the term “hindsight is 20/20,” to which I truly had no understanding about. I had a general grasp of the term, although I had yet to apply it. Life works that way sometimes, a concept is understood generally speaking, but it isn’t until that concept is applied in some way,…

  • Reflections of Past Affirmations (6-minute read)

    Reflections of Past Affirmations (6-minute read)

    Break the cycle of looking to the past, and enter the cycle of re-birth in order to create experiences and the life you wish to lead. (6 minute read)

  • Sourcing “Happiness”

    Sourcing “Happiness”

    When you approach someone you interact with throughout the day, and ask them, “how are you today?” Most of them will respond with the traditional, “good,” “alright,” “super!” (sarcasm is usually included in that one) There are few people I have come to interact with that can tell me that they are “wonderful” with genuine…