New Footholds of Faith

Sometimes the student is gifted with the task of presenting what they have learned thus far, and is given an understanding of how their overcoming can be used to help others. The student graciously accepts this gift and sees to carrying out the tasks that they have been given.  Whilst one is striving to learn, there must be a time to apply newfound skills in their current lives, and have this expound in personal interactions as well, rather than a presentation in written form. One’s current understanding cannot be expanded upon unless this foundation is solidified, and even once the solidification occurs, there is always much to be learned, expanded upon, received, and applied. This can be compared to a medical program, one goes through chapters of a textbook, takes classes, and then partakes in a lab, or externship, to apply the skills that they have learned.

Right now I am aware of a decline in creative energy, I am aware of my yearning to be around other souls (whilst I am usually a hermit), I am aware of my bodies need for regeneration and calm, and I am aware of my intuitiveness in practicing yoga and meditation daily. There are many old footholds I have come to recognize, that I could simply scale back down the wall and place my foot into them for comfort, because I know them well. I know exactly where they are and what they entail. The difficult part about where I am is having the strength to dig my toes in and form a new foothold up above; to strengthen my back muscles, my shoulders, and my arms, in order for that reach to become possible. Everything in the physical world will always have a meaning in the spiritual world, and so it is.

I have learned to recognize seasons in my life.  I acknowledge the current season, and accept all that it has to offer, in this time of application and learning. I am open to all possibilities and am accepting of the unknown, whilst reaching, and digging my toes into new, footholds of faith.

During this learning phase that I am aware of, I will still be doing the 28 Days of Gratitude, as well as starting my astrology section and filling in the gaps on my cruelty-free living section. Sometimes I feel compelled to share with you all something that is on my heart, and I will continue to do that for everyone out there.


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