Sourcing “Happiness”

When you approach someone you interact with throughout the day, and ask them, “how are you today?” Most of them will respond with the traditional, “good,” “alright,” “super!” (sarcasm is usually included in that one) There are few people I have come to interact with that can tell me that they are “wonderful” with genuine honesty reflecting in their eyes. I’m sure that when any of us are asked, “how are you today?” We run scenarios through our heads; “well my car is not running the best, I’m low on money, I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, a loved one is in the hospital etc.” We instantly search our vast, beautiful minds for something positive, yet we rarely come back to the question with that positivity beaming forth from our faces.

At times it is difficult to realize that in the very positivity we are searching for, lies a decision that must be made. We must make the decision here and now, to rest on happiness. We cannot go through life with pre-conceived ideas about what will “bring us happiness,” for there is no end to the ideas, and they are all empty houses. Until we find full contentment in this very moment, nothing in the future will be able to have the power to magically ,”make us happy.” Some people may bring up their circumstances, “well life would be better if I just had this, or if I could just pass this test.” If we don’t address the root of the issue, what is making us so unhappy right now internally, there is nothing externally that can remedy this for us, as hard as we might try to convince ourselves of that.

You see we are dealing with past, present and future; If we are always looking to the future to be the solver of our problems, then what, may I ask, are we doing with our present? There is something to be said about “living presently.” For everything we do in the present, has an effect on our future. Let’s think about our present path for a moment… Lets say a big choice is coming up and it will lead to a fork in the path. Up ahead you can vaguely see the fork, and both pathways  on that fork look the same from here. We weigh the options and decide to take the left path. Little do we know that we had been hasty with our decision, and the left path is actually a huge detour. This has placed us directly into lessons that we thought we had already overcome. (Darnet!) It turns out, we had not mastered these lessons, and we must master them here to be able to get back on that path we know so well! Now, if we would’ve used our discernment (I’ll go into that in another post) we would’ve known that the right-hand path would’ve allowed for growth, new territory, that we were not ready for, yet that path is always open, dormant, alive, waiting on the choices that we make. There are so many pathways in life, and so many outcomes, which is why it is paramount to be able to live presently, so we are able to use our gifts of discernment to seek the right answers.

Presently, let’s say we are on that left-hand path, the one that we thought we had already finished, past hurts that have come up, lessons we thought we have already overcame. We might stop to ask ourselves, “were we present on this lesson?” “did we accept this time of life with open arms and happiness?” “did we make love to our present circumstances?” I believe that we can master much more, in a more efficient manner if we are approaching everything in life with a more positive approach. Perhaps we would’ve mastered the left-hand pathway if our outlook was one of gratefulness, appreciation, and patience. These outlooks put us on the fast-track to the right path, where we can experience more spiritual and personal growth, get closer to becoming whole, and feeling exceptional, in all seasons of life!

Next time when someone asks you, “how are you today?” Let’s really try to beam that positive energy back to them. It can be as simple as thinking of something you are thankful for, which in turn gives you another reason to smile, another reason to be thankful for something else. This snowballs into realizing that you are alive, you are here in this present moment, and somebody wants to know how YOU, are doing! (Isn’t that wonderful?) Concentrate on greatfulness today, appreciate the people/interactions you are gifted with, and be patient with yourself. You are a beautiful being, who matters, and there is a special purpose for each and every one of us.

Choose to be happy today!
(I AM)

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