Category: Poetry

  • Dark Night of the Soul

    Dark Night of the Soul

    Unfinished artwork,disarray, flashing in the corners of my eyes. I weep; for do I know the reason?Unknown, variations, hidden strength. Exerting every last drop of energy,pouring it into the machine.For trials, for error, for devastation. Grasping onto the edge,my fingertips are raw. Dull density, repeated.Who are you to make your presence known?Distractions, agony, tears fall.…

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    It’s been a while,so frank and eloquent. Parading around in an electronic capacity,blasting my voice – the tones of me,and keystrokes of thoughts,as pieces of the puzzle come together. Distractions alas,a humble victory.Dreading the joy that has come about. For I am a dreary soul on an unknown mission.

  • Friction


    On the edge of new normalcy, the end of human-kind emerges. We fight with our wits, yet un-evolve. We move without thinking, and can’t find common ground. The participation is fleeting, the old forms are constantly deleting. Herein lies the foil and toil in human folly. We strive for our best, yet not for the…

  • Patience


    Sedentary motion, roving around in clover fields, emotion. Speeding up the pace, halting at an arms length, finish the race? Time and space, valued minutes on the clock. Surging through every vessel, with the tick-tock. Mountains, through their valued stature, projecting their inner vast expanse. Preaching their own nomenclature, silence. Meeting resistance, familiar, yet bold.…

  • Collapse


    The snow on the grass was turned to glass, as we watched it happen before our eyes. The rain stopped, frozen in our paths, drops of ice stung our faces, as we walked right through those blazes. The music was stopped, playing the same note over again, but how did it happen, and when? It…

  • The Rose

    The Rose

    The rose was just sitting there, all jagged and worn. Nobody has touched it, it was so forlorn. But there was something about it, so beautiful and helpless, a beauty that you can hardly help to pass it by. When you looked upon it, you could see that beauty was there for years, that’s why…

  • Gone


    The dew as soft as the morning mist, turned into flames to hot to spritz. The thunder as fierce as a hissing cat, turned into wet mist, as soft as a mat. The lightning then rumbled through the hills, as if to say sorry for the treacherous spills. And then it was over, as it…

  • Dark Days

    Dark Days

    They say the earth will crumble underneath your feet, but is it really that great a defeat? If you read a book, you will gain knowledge, but will that really get you into college? What do they think of me? An open book without a clasp, you are open to the worlds misery, but you…

  • Poetry


    Ah poetry… sweet release.

  • Complacency


    Her mind runs rampant, drawing circles in the serene water. She takes a moment to soak in her reflection, yearning for her heart to be tauter. She envelops herself in a familiar warmth, yet this warmth is not synonymous. Harmony had been found in days prior, feeling around, all that arrives is bleakness. The foolishness…