Dark Night of the Soul

Unfinished artwork,
disarray, flashing in the corners of my eyes.

I weep; for do I know the reason?
Unknown, variations, hidden strength.

Exerting every last drop of energy,
pouring it into the machine.
For trials, for error, for devastation.

Grasping onto the edge,
my fingertips are raw.

Dull density, repeated.
Who are you to make your presence known?
Distractions, agony, tears fall.

The reason, still unclear,

A light in the darkness shines upon my window,
only in the right angles.

Words on paper,
cringing at someone else’s story.
Mine must be the same.

It’s so loud,
stupid, endless, longing.

Longing in error,
connect, disengage,
tapping in, surface tensions, emotion.

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