Acceptance is Freedom

There is a big difference between accepting an emotion and letting an emotion overtake or conquer you. On the one hand you are recognizing that you feel a certain way and instead of fighting it off or letting it overtake your complete awareness at that moment, you’re allowing the feeling to be accepted. On the other hand, maybe you are feeling depressed, that down in the dumps feeling; you can choose to let it overtake everything that you are at that moment, to where you almost become the feeling… rather than allowing the feeling to wash through you.

I’m guilty of letting feelings overtake me to where they completely disrupt my awareness and I become the feeling; the pity, dispair, frustration, or even becoming a high strung energy to where it clouds my judgement completely. I’m also guilty of pushing feelings away to where I’m completely avoiding emotions or avoiding how something makes me feel.

Lately, I have begun to question why I push certain emotions away, to recognize triggers that cause me to feel a certain way. I used to allow the feelings to overtake me, I used to push them away, but I am now learning to let them wash through me. Feelings aren’t bad or good, they are there to help us understand this life and maybe to teach us lessons, provided we look for the lesson.

We only begin to heal once we can allow a familiar or unknown emotion to wash over us, rather than pushing it away or letting it over take our being.

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