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  • Mandala 1-7-17

    Mandala 1-7-17

    1-17-17 – “Live to create, create to live” This piece to me is an expression of feminism. Also done on the fancy marker paper I referred to in my previous post. Most of my cool markers were also destroyed on my canvases, as the tip was too fragile on those pens so this was done…

  • Mandala 11-16-16

    Mandala 11-16-16

    11-16-16 – “Breaking Free of Old Strongholds” If you were to ask me, this is one of my top 2 cleanest mandalas to date. It has one of those classic tattoo vibes and the differing patterns and textures are really pleasing to look at. I was given the canvas paper by this guy I had…

  • Mandala 9-15-16

    Mandala 9-15-16

    9-15-16 – “Tension in the Eye of the Suffering” This was another mandala that I decided to test out on canvas versus sketchbook paper.

  • Mandala 9-10-16

    Mandala 9-10-16

    8-10-16 “Formless” Something about color vs. black and white really seems to bother me. I can’t wrap my head around it really. This was done in an orange/red sharpie and a fine tip black one. My favorite part about this piece is the staircase located underneath the lower “swirl.” The rest of it just doesn’t…

  • Mandala 8-29-16

    Mandala 8-29-16

    8/29/16 – “Manifestation, Learning and Growing” This was the first mandala that I created on a canvas. I realized that sharpie performs wonderfully well on this type of medium and it looks even more sharp than the drawing paper I was using previously. The intention I set for this mandala was “Manifestation, Learning and Growing.”…

  • Mandala 7-29-16

    Mandala 7-29-16

    7-29-16 “Wholeness” I started this mandala around the same time as the last one that I posted a few weeks back. It is obvious to me when looking back at this one that my mind state had shifted dramatically. I love the center of this mandala, especially the vibration coming forth from the earth. This…

  • Mandala 6-30-16

    Mandala 6-30-16

    6/30/16 – “Communication” Clearly I was on a role creating Mandalas during the month of June. I had found a new release and I felt as though I was onto something. I started out with the intention of “communication.” I had no idea how I was going to convey that, but hey, art flows in…

  • Mandala 6-11-16

    Mandala 6-11-16

    6-11-16 – “Oasis Amongst Chaos” I finished up this mandala shortly after I had just finished my second one. I was utilizing  heavy sketch book paper, pencil and sharpie. I decided to utilize my compass on this one to create the circles. After I created the center (I always start in the center and work…

  • Mandala 6/5/16

    Mandala 6/5/16

    6/5/16 – “Growth” “I wish you wouldn’t say things: that you don’t mean.” (Growth) Mandalas are circular designs that reflect the wholeness of the person creating them. According to Carl Jung, “a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of self.” Jung a Swiss psychiatrist, discovered the significance of mandalas through his own inner…

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    I started creating mandalas in May of 2016. I knew a little bit about Carl Jung, psychology, and spiritual studies. I set out to create a mandala one day because I wanted to see what my “inner mind” looked like. I was deep into astrological studies at the time and had a real yearning to…