Mandala 6-11-16


6-11-16 – “Oasis Amongst Chaos”

I finished up this mandala shortly after I had just finished my second one. I was utilizing  heavy sketch book paper, pencil and sharpie. I decided to utilize my compass on this one to create the circles. After I created the center (I always start in the center and work my way out” I really did not enjoy the “black mass” at the center. It really bothered me. As I worked my way out a little further I had to laugh. The intention I set was “ascension amongst chaos,” and I had just made it through the “chaos zone.”

During this time there was a lot of chaos at home with my family, and I had just been through a pretty rough breakup. All the while I was somehow maintaining a mind “smooth as water,” and finding time to exercise and keep myself mentally and physically alert and healthy.

I really enjoy the circle bits that expand from the larger circles. They have such a visible field of energy about them and I can’t help but get good feelings from looking at it.

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