Forging Ladders

Life; this existence that we are so sure about. Do you feel like you know why you are here? How have you played your cards? Did you get to where you are today by utilizing the rungs of the ladder that others who came before you labored to create? Did you pour yourself into creating your own ladder, knowing that those who have come before you made a path that you had an option to traverse, yet you still decided to forge your own? Did you arrive at where you are today by flashing your pride and expecting others to cater to your needs? Have you labored and struggled to find the rungs of the ladder, or to forge your own? Or has it been easy for you? These are questions that might help us understand our present circumstances and our story, sometimes we are too taken over by pride or ego to begin to even look at the cards… How would it make you feel to come to knowing that you created the cards, you are the dealer of the cards, and you are also the recipient of them?

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