Mandala 9-22-17


9-22-17 “The Equinox”

You may have noticed the huge gap in mandala creation from June to September, 2017. I was going through a lot in that three months, the most I have actually gone through mentally, emotionally, and physically in my entire waking life. I had left off at the last mandala creation in June in a wonderful place. After that I fell in love with a dreamy escapade, made a mistake, found out my dad had cancer, then made an even bigger mistake (actually a huge one). I had just made it through all that, yet not quite in the clear yet. I still had a lot to do to get back to a grounded, clear minded state of being.

On the day I created this mandala I felt a strong urge to grab my art supplies and go drive to the river. The sun was interesting to me that day and kept catching my attention on the drive there. I secured myself a nice spot on the beach which I deemed my private beach for the next 5 hours. After I finished this one I felt a great sense of relief and it was dark by the time I was done. It was only after I had posted the photo and scrolled about on Instagram for a while that I realized it was the Autumn Equinox and someone I was following on Instragram posted a similar photo as this:

Image result for autumn equinox moon cycles
Credit here


I also wrote a little something about this mandala at the time of creation, see below:


“Created this mandala on the shores of the American River. Little did I know that it was actually the Autumn equinox, wasn’t really paying attention to that before I started. Notice the circles (moon cycles) and all the inner workings, almost like a clock. Also the fastest Mandala I have made to date, taking a little over 5 hours.”

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