Detached Conscious Observation

When someone states something like, “man my back really hurts today,” the normal response would be something along the lines of personal relation; such as, “man that sucks, I’m sorry, or ouch that’s no fun.”

Where do we draw the line when relating others personal issues to ourselves?

 This is even so with events that occur around the world. People are injured, something catastrophic happens, people respond with empathy, often relating their own feelings to the event. Such an occurrence is often met with, “this is so sad, I’m heartbroken, those evil people, what is this world coming to etc.”

We are so quick to throw our own feelings into the mix. After all, humans were created with the ability to relate to each other, and by no means am I attempting to place our own feelings under a bad light.

In my own life I am currently practicing the art of detached observation. During this observation or conversation that occurs, one removes themselves and their own feelings from the conversation, situation, or event. It is so important to create a detached awareness especially when others are pouring out their personal issues to you. (This is essential to learn especially if you are empathetic.)

When your response to someones troubles is met with personal relation, your are only amplifying their troubles, and allowing them to have a place in your life unknowingly. When a tragic event occurs somewhere in this world, everyone seemingly feels the effects, and tends to take on the emotions for themselves. We are one after all, aren’t we?

What if we were informed of an occurrence, observed, and then only wished the scenario a healing light, or if we let that fire within us strive to make a difference, to actually go out there and help, to DIRECTLY make a difference. If we are not attempting to directly make a difference, what is the point of allowing the emotion of something outside yourself, affect your own feelings?

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