• Dark Days

    Dark Days

    They say the earth will crumble underneath your feet, but is it really that great a defeat? If you read a book, you will gain knowledge, but will that really get you into college? What do they think of me? An open book without a clasp, you are open to the worlds misery, but you…

  • Sparks | Instant Karma

    Sparks | Instant Karma

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the law of karma, more specifically instant karma and the delivery method of karma. Say for example I’m driving down the road and someone cuts me off. I decide to speed up and do exactly what this person did to me, to them; or retaliate in some other…

  • Forging Ladders

    Forging Ladders

    Life; this existence that we are so sure about. Do you feel like you know why you are here? How have you played your cards? Did you get to where you are today by utilizing the rungs of the ladder that others who came before you labored to create? Did you pour yourself into creating…

  • Acceptance is Freedom

    Acceptance is Freedom

    Allowing emotions to wash over you versus putting up a wall.

  • Mandala 2017

    Mandala 2017

    Mandala – “By the River” 2017 This mandala is the only color piece I have created to date. Way back when art was my major, I enjoyed using acrylic paint. I figured I’d start painting color backgrounds and creating the mandala on top. Another plan came into fruition though, especially in regard to the “background.”…

  • Mandala 6-20-18

    Mandala 6-20-18

    6-20-18 “The pinnacle of living” I drew this mandala after moving back home from the relationship I thought was going somewhere. I was somehow still in an excellent place spiritually and mentally, and I actually felt more clear minded than ever before. The center of this mandala is actually a teeny tiny dodecahedron. This is…

  • Mandala 4-17-18

    Mandala 4-17-18

    4-17-18 “A new start” As with my previous post, there is a huge gap in time that I did not produce any artwork other than a few doodles on sticky notes. The time-frame between September 2017 – April 2018 was filled with a excruciating journey and test of character. I had been attending yoga teacher…

  • Mandala 9-22-17

    Mandala 9-22-17

    9-22-17 “The Equinox” You may have noticed the huge gap in mandala creation from June to September, 2017. I was going through a lot in that three months, the most I have actually gone through mentally, emotionally, and physically in my entire waking life. I had left off at the last mandala creation in June…

  • Mandala 5-9-17

    Mandala 5-9-17

    “Love and Crisis” – Mandalas drawn in the midst of crisis always seem to be the most interesting. I can recall my exact mental state and where I was when adding to each of these rings. When I had created the center outwards the flower like petals, I was in a relationship, yet concerned something…

  • Mandala 4-16-17

    Mandala 4-16-17

    4-16-17 – “Introversion” This is a really small mandala, about 4 x 6. The pen that I was using kept giving up on me so I had to put a few to work on this one. I notice that this one shows rightward movement as the previous one I had done from my own collection…