Are you living up to your highest potential?

Below you will find a (hopefully) familiar scene from “Pooh’s Most Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin." Here, Christopher Robin is giving Pooh a word of advice in case they are ever apart, which Pooh cannot even begin to fathom. The transcript from the movie which follows somehow ALWAYS brings me to tears. (see… Continue reading Are you living up to your highest potential?


Detached Conscious Observation

When someone states something like, "man my back really hurts today," the normal response would be something along the lines of personal relation; such as, "man that sucks, I'm sorry, or ouch that's no fun." Where do we draw the line when relating others personal issues to ourselves?  This is even so with events that… Continue reading Detached Conscious Observation

The importance of “presence”

Do you ever feel as though you are hindered on your path to spiritual growth? Perhaps a little lost? Or maybe even misdirected? Picture this a moment: We as humans on the path to ultimate one-ness with God are somewhat like a carriage, a horse and a driver. If the driver is holding too tight… Continue reading The importance of “presence”


Her mind runs rampant, drawing circles in the serene water. She takes a moment to soak in her reflection, yearning for her heart to be tauter. She envelops herself in a familiar warmth, yet this warmth is not synonymous. Harmony had been found in days prior, feeling around, all that arrives is bleakness. The foolishness… Continue reading Complacency

Personal Standards

Personal Standards

When “life” reaches out and asks for your hand, you generously reach out and feel around for the connection. Upon making this connection, do you take a moment to question how it makes you feel? When “life” asks you for patience, you lovingly comply. Upon practicing patience, do you yearn to experience everything now? When… Continue reading Personal Standards

So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?

Ah, the age of technology and information. If any of us have a question about anything we can type it into a myriad of search engines and have the answer instantaneously. So many of us thrive on this constant flow of information, yet we do not realize that this flow, while constant, is generally scattered.… Continue reading So you think your zodiac sign explains everything huh?