Rays Up is all about striving to be the best we can be and giving life everything we have. It’s about implementing a consciously driven, healthy lifestyle and facing challenges with open eyes. It comes with a drive to inspect the small details that make up the fabric of the universe and a willingness to decipher the meaning of it all.

With that being said, this journey is all about the upward spiral, toward oneness, with each passing rung of the ladder. I believe we are all on this journey. I hope this blog helps you out there, in one way or another, because that’s what I’m here for!

~The origination of the name “Rays Up,” came from a lineage of “Rays” in my family~

The vision for this blog started many years ago; with an endless search for internal wholeness, a love for writing, and a quest for a healthier lifestyle.

I enjoy heavy bass lines, dark cups of coffee, deep breathing, hatha yoga, reading, organizing clutter, seeking out new restaurants, traveling, & thrift shopping.

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