Danielle started this lifestyle blog on the brink of Fall 2016. She wanted to create a beautiful place for readers come, set down that cup of piping hot coffee/tea, breathe and immerse themselves. The goal is for you to come and feel refreshed, gather creative steam, get inspired about life, check out some poetry, some artwork, learn, and navigate through this beautiful journey; together.

The vision for this blog started many years ago; with a passion for creating clothing, an endless search for internal wholeness, a love for writing, and a quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Danielle enjoys heavy bass lines, dark cups of coffee, cycling til her legs are weak, deep breathing, vinyasa yoga, reading self-help books, organizing clutter, seeking out vegan restaurants, traveling, & thrift shopping. She is a September baby, which, yes that makes her a Virgo, with an INFJ personality type.

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