A Volunteer

I have withdrawn from the world,

to seek solace,

escape from pain.

All this personal seeking however,

is in vain.

My life boat sank along the way,

personal belief systems crumbled.

I caught the football,

but then I fumbled.

Determined to understand,

to make a life for myself,

instead of something grand.

I’m still not sure if this was part of the plan.

A self-proclaimed clan,

standing on two feet.

Into the unknown,

I retreat.

(August 2021)

Author: raysupjourney

This journey of life that we are currently on, is all about finding who we are, figuring out how to embrace our inner strengths, accepting and healing our weaknesses, and fulfilling our purpose. This journey of mine is all about the upward spiral, toward oneness, with each passing rung of the ladder. I hope this blog helps you out there, in one way or another, because that's what I'm here for. I live a purpose driven/cruelty-free/vegan/optimistic/sugar-free/yoga-fueled/fitness filled/adventure filled life.

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