Twenty-Eight Days: Day 11

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Appreciation Central

If you’ve been following this 28-day journey with me and were waiting for me to post Day 11 yesterday morning, here is day 11. When you have time today, maybe 5 minutes to yourself, just try and see if you can notice your existence. I know, I know… that might seem a little bit far out or a little bit too deep, but I’m serious. See if you can notice your own existence as a human. How does it feel? Can you begin to observe the physical body? What about thoughts, can you observe them without judgement?

Okay, enough of my deep stuff, on to step one for the day:

1.) I would like you and I to ensure that we tell 5 people today what we appreciate about them, yes directly to their face, make them feel special for absolutely no reason! (If you don’t come into contact with people today, you can send them a nice message, or you can even tell your pet what you appreciate about them.)

2.) Think about how it makes you feel when people randomly compliment you and make you aware of something about yourself that you haven’t taken the time to appreciate in a while. Doesn’t it feel nice to appreciate others and appreciate yourself?

3.) Next think about 5 things that you would like to accomplish, life goals you want to fulfill, you can even list things that you want to help people with… it never hurts to send send somebody good tidings, happy thoughts, or positive vibes.

For me, writing down those 10 things every day in accordance with something that I wanted to fulfill or something that I wanted was becoming really difficult. I kept thinking of things that I would rather give to others or help others with. For some reason there’s just a lot of people in my life that seem to be going through some turmoil right now. Alright not really a lot of people, but the ones especially close to me… my best friend, my dad etc. but you know, turmoil is turmoil, if you are meant to be a counselor, life helps you realize that really quickly.

Today on day 11, I decide to share five things with you that I decided to make a mental note of and I’m going to write them down in my journal before I go to bed, it works somewhat like a memory exercise this way.

Here is my list of 5: 

1.) My own home where my dogs can reside happily and have a yard to roam around within

2.) ALL bills paid! (If you are wondering… yes I list down each bill, the name of the company, the amount due and everything)

3.) A dishwasher to give to my friend Jessica

4.) A gas efficient vehicle

5.) Technical Writer (job)

I hope that everyone has fun expressing to 5 people (or your pets, or a tree, nature, etc.) what you appreciate about them today, or just giving out compliments in general, have fun with it!


I’ll check back in tonight…. as always…


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