Twenty-eight Days: Day 6

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Works like Magic

Happy Friday to my M-F people! 

1.) Repeat the exercises from the first day. If you are like me and you have already woken up in the morning and have arrived at work, take a few moments to jot down on a sticky note 5-10 things that you would like to have in life, goals you want to reach, things you want to accomplish. The point of this is feeling good about each of these items on your list, not racking your brain to think of that 10th thing. If you don’t get to 10, that is okay! If you have 4 items on your list that is okay too! After you have written down each item, look over them again and feel as if you already have these things, have accomplished these goals etc.

2.) While at work today, at home, or out running errands, imagine that you have an invisible manager following you around taking notes everytime you find something to be grateful for. Your job today is to look for as many things as you can to be grateful for.

3.) Have your manager make a note each time you find something you’re grateful for by saying: “I’m grateful for ___________,” and feel as grateful as you can.

4.) Just before you go to sleep tonight, hold onto your rock and think of the best thing that happened to you today, then hold onto that good feeling as you drift off to sleep tonight.


As Always,


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