Twenty-Eight Days

A while back, before anything else, for a lack of better words… when I was more in tune, when I felt the need to expand in a big way; I decided to do a challenge, to keep myself accountable and attuned to my current status in life. I stumbled upon a page on Facebook one day that was called “Gratitude Magic.” There were posts on the page that were uplifting, and very much aligned with my current vibe (if you will) in life, at that moment. I decided to message the admin for that Facebook page as well… but that is another story. The funny part about this entire 28 day challenge and my point for accomplishing it now, is that I never finished! Yes I accomplished most things on my previous list (the ones that I remember) but I never finished the entire 28 days. I am a superb example, I know. So here we go, starting the 28 Day Challenge to change my current standpoint that is filled with doubt, uncertainty and not enough dedication.

The Twenty-Eight Day challenge is simple, you think of 10 things that would like to have, improve, recover from, understand, do, see, enjoy; there is no limit. Coming from experience, and completing 24 days in total, I did make several breakthroughs. I look back now, a little over two years from doing the challenge previously and realize that I accomplished many things in life that I set out to accomplish on those very lists of 10. Studies say it takes 21 days to form a habit, to change a way of thinking, to make a breakthrough of some sort. (Other studies state it is 28 days, some say 66.) Whatever it takes you to get out of that rut, meet that goal, feel better entirely, DO IT.

Supplies needed for this journey:

  • A Journal (one you like and will use)
  • A writing instrument
  • A clear, fresh mind in the morning
  • An alarm clock

Day One is here.

As always,


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