Virgo, not so "Mercurial" after all

Virgo, not so “Mercurial” after all

Make way for the Virgo, always seeking the answers to everything. Here I thought that this yearning for information could be attributed to the planet ruling over my sign, Mercury. After doing much research I stumbled upon the fact that in days past many zodiac rulers have been found to be debunked, and replaced with their true rulers in recent times. (I never enjoyed sharing Mercury with Gemini anyways!)

I thoroughly enjoy Linda Goodman’s insight on this topic, well…. I enjoy general insight from an Aries any day. (Why are you guys always so insightful! Ugh)

  • At one time, both Pisces and Sagittarius were ruled by Jupiter – until Neptune was discovered as the original and therefore natural (or true) ruler of Pisces.
  • At one time, both Aquarius and Capricorn were ruled by Saturn – until Uranus was discovered as the original and therefore natural ruler of Aquarius. (Abraham Lincoln was a Saturn-ruled Aquariun, Franklin Roosevelt a Uranus-ruled Aquarian).
  • Uranus was rediscovered by a farm boy named Herschel, and was called by his name at first. But metaphysicians knew that the planet’s true name was Uranus.
  • Aries and Scorpio were both ruled by Mars and Scorpio, until Scorpio’s true and natual ruler, Pluto, was discovered. And so on.

“Each time this repeated circle of discovery occurs, it manifests in the same pattern – or order of discovery – and the last two original planetary rulers to be re-discovered are always (in each cycle) Vulcan, the true ruler of Virgo – then Horus (Pan-Horus), the true ruler of Taurus. Virgo presently shares with Gemini the rulership of Mercury, although Mercury is the true ruler of Gemini, and is only “on loan”, so to speak, to Virgo. Just as Taurus presently shares with Libra the rulership of Venus, although Venus is the true ruler of Libra, and is only “on loan”, so to speak, to Taurus.

It has been said in old astrology books that there is another planet in our solar system called Vulcan that will be recognized as Virgo’s rightful ruler when it is discovered. Vulcan was the royal son of Hera and Zeus. Zeus threw him out of heaven because of his lameness. Vulcanalia, the chief festival of the lame god, was held in Rome on August 23, at the time the Sun moves into Virgo.”

Vulcan is the true ruler of Virgo, and is “the lame goddess of thunder,” since Vulcan is definitely a female planet. Let me explain what I mean by “the true ruler.”

The god Vulcan was a blacksmith and the patron of all artisans. Virgo is the ruler of all workers. As new planets in other solar systems are being discovered today, perhaps there is a little planet in our solar system beyond Mercury and hidden in the brightness of the Sun. Until Vulcan is discovered, Virgo must share the planet Mercury’s rulership with Gemini, which seems to work well enough for both.

“Vulcan has separating veiling forces, veiling of the intuition, veiling cosmic love and wisdom, veiling the true name of the planetary logos, thus producing coordination eventually. In the natal chart, Vulcan appears to nullify the effect of any planet with which he is in bodily conjunction, excepting the Sun and Mercury, but in any other aspect whatsoever, square, trine, opposition etc, he gives a kind of vehement eccentricity of character according with the nature of the planet he aspects. Strange freaks are produced in human nature, mentally and physically, usually in malevolent form.”

“Vulcan is the ruler of Virgo. Vulcan helps people create and fashion all sorts of things. On the esoteric level, (which is the astrology of the soul transmitted by a Tibetan Master to Alice Bailey many years ago), Vulcan is the ruler of Taurus, again another earth sign. A definite orbit cannot be established yet; however for many reasons the orbit given is valid. An English esotericist has proposed that Vulcan is always 3º from Mercury on the side of the Sun. Solar Fire has the option of calculating either method: D. Baker’s method or the one most used, which is by L.H.Weston. The only real way is to look at the hard aspect transits (conjunctions, squares or oppositions) of Vulcan. The orbit of Vulcan is about 23 days.”

Well, I learned something new today, hopefully you did as well. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER knowing my true planetary ruler is not Mercury… Vulcan (YISSS) I always felt like there was something to be uncovered there, now to spot it with the human eye.

Which do you think will be discovered first? Pan-Horus for Taurus, or Vulcan for Virgo?

Linda Goodman – Linda Goodmans’ Star Signs, 1987
Dian Eidenbaum, Souls Signs, Fireside, 1998
by Virginia Reyer, ASA member


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